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Centennial High School Band
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Welcome! This community is open to all current and former members of Centennial High School's Band program (located in Peoria, Arizona). This is also a forum that does not want to be abused. D; Feel free to:

  • post band-related pictures (under a lj-cut, if there are more than one, or if the photos exceed 400x400 pixels)
  • band-related information/reminders
  • general band-related comments
  • band humor (comics, jokes, cartoons, music files, games, etc.)
  • advertising other band-related communities is accepted here.
  • try not to suck!

  • But please, do NOT:

  • post about your entire day NOT relating to band... no one will care.
  • post disrespectful comments about ANYONE. Feel free to talk about band-related things that make you angry, but serious hating on teachers, leaders, or other band members just isn't cool. Bad times, man. You can hate on drumline, but expect wrath (just kidding man, drumline counts too).

  • When you join, be sure and introduce yourself using this easy survey:
    Band class(es) taken:

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